Hi Tack & Saddles is a wholesale for high-quality western saddles.
We offer you several brands: Pullman, Equiflex, Continental and Montana.
Futhermore we offer you custom-made saddles customized after your desires and in every size.
We would be very pleased to help you design your very own custom saddle.

Our Brands:

Handcrafted Westernsaddles, made by the best saddlemakers of the U.S and Europe. These Saddles aren't only of highest quality and have a unique design, no - we offer you 30 years of warranty. Handmanufactured Quality and intelligent features are brought together with materials of highest quality like Grad A Herman-Oak-Leather, sheepskin rug from New Zealand, highest quality saddle trees and handgraved silverconchos.


The revolution in saddlemaking: Absolutely high-quality saddles with a flexible tree made out of a elastomere synthetic-high-tec-material developed with the best saddletree-making company of the world: Steele Saddle Tree LLC. Highest quality materials and perfect manufacturing are the key features of a Equiflexsaddle.

  • Equiflextree, Fork and Cantle out of wood coated with fibreglass
  • Handcrafted seat out of leather with highest quality kodelfleece
  • Grade-A-Leather, high-quality conchos, Cantle & Horn satured
  • 10 years warranty

Our Continental-saddles are manufactured with only highest quality materials like stainless steel, highest quality kodelfleece and silvered conchos. All saddles are handsatured on the Cantle and all hallmarkings are made only by hand. In addition you get 5 years of warranty.

Our Montana-Saddles are very special because of their good and universal fitting and their very good cost-performance ratio. We pay a lot of attention to the quality of the wooden saddletrees, which come from our partner Steele Saddle Tree L.L.C. in the U.S.
Therefore you get 5 years of warranty on the saddletree.